PTA Architecture Pty Ltd is committed to providing design solutions that are environmentally responsible and consider both the current and future needs of our clients and the wider community.

We would consider maximizing sustainable solutions (via ESD Consultant and design input), both passive and active as part of an holistic approach to the design.

We would bring to the table a variety of systems that are both responsive and sympathetic to the proposed scope of works. This would include the development of a shopping list of ESD inputs for the proposed development.

This is intended to improve the long-term functioning of the buildings, reducing their carbon footprint and reinforcing green credentials. Specific areas for consideration in the project may include:

-Optimum use of available Land and Promote lesser energy usage through Passive design of the built form.

- Integrated water retention Techniques including rainwater runoff.

-Using water and evapotranspiration of extensive vegetation around the buildings to provide a naturally cooled environment externally.

-Maximize energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings through on site Grey water reuse.

-Assess options for Solar embedded power and Hot water systems

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